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When signing a contract for IT services, the IT-audit is carried for free
Check your services
and tools
Draw up a plan for the development and automation of processes
Sign a non-disclosure agreement
Evaluate the effectiveness
of your IT department

We will conduct an IT-audit of your infrastructure and team

We will show you where you lose money and create a development plan. To do that we will:
”I will advise you on the task
I will send resumes of specialists
I will orient you on to the cost”
Audit length
7 days
What is an IT audit?
Task statement, task prioritization, and task allocation. Analysis of the existing communication flows, reporting, and possible loss areas.
Process analysis
Analysis of the equipment in place, and how optimal its use cases are. Clustering
and fault tolerance.
Servers and cloud services
Automated Deployment, Automatic backups and recovery. Reports on test results. Equipment status monitors.
task management systems,
workplace integration
User services
Software inventory on physical servers,
virtual servers, and workplaces. Analysis of the necessary software and possible areas to save money on.
Analysis of the Efficiency
of the current business processes and
interactions and an automation plan draw up.
Business processes
Results in just 7 days
Assessment of the current resources of the IT department and readiness to support
the company's activities
Defining the optimization areas for the
IT infrastructure
Plan for optimization and modernization
of the infrastructure and processes
Efficiency analysis of the current
processes of the IT department
Our workflow
Meeting with the client
We discuss current
problems and tasks
The team conducts an audit,
examines the infrastructure
and business processes
Report presentation
We prepare and present the report:
problems, risks,
roadmap, development plan
Information analysis
We combine all the data into one
document, draw conclusions,
assess risks
We conduct interviews,
fill out a brief
Vadim Timofeev
Founder & CEO of Tewris
Don’t worry about the safety of your data – we sign an NDA prior to starting cooperation
“We guarantee the safety
and confidentiality of data”
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Our work

We are pleased that we have engaged Tewris to solve the problems that we have encountered together with our development team. Now we can predict the outcome of our development and improve control over the process. In general, Tewris is a partner who helps to improve our developments.
For more than 6 years Tewris has been actively involved in the development of our product and we continue to see improvements and growth. This is an exceptional work of implementing a full product development cycle for Taker. We highly recommend Tewris as a development partner.
Tewris built a team of developers, developed the necessary changes in our product, and successfully implemented them. We strongly recommend Tewris for any project that aims to turn a small service into a platform.
Cooperation with Tewris is a valuable partnership for us. Their experience has played an important role in achieving our goals. Attention to detail and the ability to understand our needs have led to a uninterrupted and efficient service that our users can rely on.
It was a great experience. Tewris helped us create a well-functioning development system, which allowed us to scale our business. Creating a structure and standards of work was vital for us. They helped us achieve our business scaling goal.
SPA Dry cleaning
It was a job to digitize our business. Now we have control over the processesin real-time mode , automatic accounting of each client's belongings at all cleaning stations . With the help of Tewris, the company has become more technological, efficient and profitable.
Professor Schumann GmbH
Tewris has the knowledge and experience to ensure that the process is smooth and efficient. Tewris exceeded our expectations. The IT department that Tewris helped us create is staffed with highly qualified specialists and works smoothly
Thanks to your experience in data collection, implementation of calculation algorithms and automation, we were able to reduce the processing time of large-scale analysis to several minutes. This has saved us a significant amount of resources and we will definitely continue our partnership
The service includes analysis of engineering systems, network equipment, infrastructure services, user services, and business processes.
What is included in the IT audit?
The audit is conducted by a team of our specialists.
Who will conduct the audit?
How much does an IT audit cost and how long does it take?
The cost of an IT audit depends on the amount of time spent. We can answer this question only after communicating with the head of the IT department.

Answers to client's questions

CEO of the Tewris company answers
Vadim Timofeev
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We make a questionnaire
of the head of the IT department
We sign the contract
We conduct an IT audit
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By clicking on this button, you agree to the processing of personal data
Sign up for a free consultation
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We make a questionnaire
of the head of the IT department
The team manager will contact you within an hour
We sign the contract
We conduct an IT audit
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