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SPa dry cleaning
The company has been taking comprehensive care of the customers' belongings for more than 10 years

About the client
Automation of all the possible processes and shift from paper documentation
The Challenge
It took us 2 months to discuss and implement everything

Time spent:
Companies tabt value the manageability of their processes. For those who want make changes and move to a new level of product/service quality
Relevant for:
POS terminal and PC on Windows
We used:
The Result
We found a software that was written specifically for dry cleaners, finalized it taking into account the current business processes and future opportunities. Helped with the purchase & installation of equipment, and conducted training

Helped to digitalize the business, reduce the man-hours spent on working with clients, improve service and step into the new digital era. All that made introduction of analytics and marketing tools, as well as automation of processes possible.
The company has become more technologically advanced and more efficient.

3 levels of tasks have been solved: transparency of processes, efficiency assessment, additional accounting.

Full control of processes, automatic record of the customers items’ condition at all cleaning stations, understanding by each station of its current and future load in real time, the ability to track the cost at each stage

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