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Taker is the largest online food sales platform in Saudi Arabia. The company provides service to 700+ restaurants as of 2022, it is more than 5,000,000 + completed orders
About the client
The Challenge
Offering restaurants to sell food online in their own applications; therefore, reducing their dependence on aggregators
We used:
We have been deeply involved in this product for more than 6 years, 9 development teams are working and we continue to develop it
Time spent:
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Relevant for:
React Native / React.js
Jira / Confluence
We have implemented a full product development cycle in the company: from market analysis to the regular release of new solutions and support for existing ones.

We have built a team of 60 professionals, who are passionate about their job, and directed them to get the overall result.

We have implemented a corporate training system, internal quality service, modern technologies (code storage and use), automatic code delivery, tracking system, support service, and integration with all client’s systems and services.
The Result
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