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How to come up with an idea for an app and make sure it's valid?
Every unique app usually starts with an idea. In this article, the Tewris team shares insights on how to help you come up with successful concepts for your future projects. Let's get started!

Turn Your Passions into Reality!

Do you have hobbies or interests? Think about how you can use what you love to create an engaging app. If you have knowledge and experience, creating a worthwhile product won't be too difficult. Consider making an app that would be useful to others who share your interests. What did you wish to know when you were just starting out? Would others be interested in seeing photos and videos of what you're passionate about? Turn your hobby into an app.

Share Your Knowledge and Experience!

What are you particularly interested in? Can you be considered an expert in a specific field? Is there something you're really good at? Turn your accumulated knowledge into a service-oriented application. This could be text instructions, step-by-step images, video tutorials, online courses — anything that could be helpful to others. For example, it could be an encyclopedia with car-buying tips, marketing tutorial videos, or an app for learning English through TV shows.

Explore Existing Apps — Check Out the Competition

Find apps that users like but could be improved in terms of functionality or design. Try not to copy competitors but to get inspired. What do you like or dislike about the apps you use? What would you change? Think about how you can attract the same users with a different app. Observing other apps can lead to the emergence of ideas for your own application.

What's Relevant Right Now?

Keep an eye on current events, activities, and news, and leverage them. For example, if you know that there are many hurricanes or black ice in your region in the spring, create an app with tips for preparing for an upcoming hurricane or an app that notifies you about dangerous road sections. Tracking current events can lead to the creation of a quick and successful app.

Think About Your Audience

One way to generate app ideas is to focus on a specific group of users (for example, males aged 18–25). What do they like? What apps might interest them? Research the topic on Google Play or the App Store to assess the potential size of your audience.
Want to learn more about turning your idea into a successful app? Our managers are ready to help you with this! Contact us now, and we'll gladly discuss your project and find the best solution for its implementation.
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