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The client is engaged in the sale of insurance for trade contracts

About the client
Automation of work performed by managers.

To evaluate the client's portfolio, it was necessary to process tons of files from Excel.

Shortening the time spent on processing applications of new clients. (Initially it took 3 weeks to evaluate client’s portfolio)

Implenentation of the system where statistical and financial information about companies was collected and an algorithm for calculating risks was implemented
The Challenge
It took us 2 months to discuss and implement everything
Time spent:
Any financial / insurance company, as well as anyone who works with data providers

Decision-making speed = uniqueness on the market
Relevant for:
Decision table and their casebook as a provider of arbitration and financial reporting data
We used:
We found a decent data provider and automated the processing of incoming requests.

The data became cheaper and the processing speed was reduced from 3 weeks to several minutes.

Having implemented everything, the client became the fastest company in terms of processing incoming requests.
The Result
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