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4 steps to getting projects done on time
Have you ever experienced a project that got out of control and led to stress and frustration?
And of course, you've wondered how you can manage projects and deliver results on time without missing important deadlines.

The creative process requires space and time, but businesses need quick results.

We require time to check our work and make sure it's of high quality, but sometimes we get distracted, tired, or take breaks that shorten the time it takes to complete tasks. The reality of completing creative work within a deadline is stressful.

The outcome can be late results that can slow down the entire business.
Or is there a solution after all?

Projects can be complex and demanding, and you don't always know how to properly schedule that particular project.

I want to share with you four simple steps that will help you get projects done on time and avoid unnecessary stress and delays without losing your inner balance and efficiency!

So, the question we're going to try to answer is this: how do we customize our work at Tewris to meet deadlines every time, as well as deliver quality work?

How do we ensure that we do our work as well as possible and on time, without giving up our personal health, mental health, or professional relationships?

Here are our top 4 tips on how to always deliver projects on time:

Be honest about the amount of time you need

Whenever you are given a new project, the first, and perhaps most important thing to do, is to be clear and honest about how long you think this task or project will take.

This is easier if you have previous experience doing similar work if you're building part of an app and doing it for the twentieth time — great. You can probably confidently estimate how long it will take.
So get it done! And don't assume you'll be faster just because you feel like it. Give yourself the time you need, with scheduled breaks, rest, and time to check your work.
If you have never done this type of project or task before, ask others in your company or in your community who have done it.
Ask them how long they anticipate this work will take. Also, ask them why they think it will. If it's because they have experience, add an extra 5-15% to their hours to account for your lack of experience.

And remember: it's always better to turn in work early than late.

Don't ask for infinite time (deadlines should be objective), but give yourself a fair amount of it. This way you will feel less pressure and stress and will be able to move confidently towards your goal of handing in your work on time.

Break down the work into manageable chunks

The next step to making sure you can do your work well and get it done on time is to organize your project so that it can be completed in short, efficient bursts.

What parts do you need to get done first?
What are the "low hanging fruits" of the project? Break off those parts and complete them first!
What are the parts that you expect will get you in trouble or require input from others? Set them aside and schedule the calls, research, or other touch points you'll need to get them done efficiently and thoroughly (we're mindful of quality, after all).
One thing we do to feel more capable when tackling a big project is to not view it as one insurmountable mass of work.
If you were told you had an entire novel to write, would you feel overwhelmed? What if you were told to write one page a day? It would be much more doable, accessible, and inspiring.

So, what are the parts of your page-a-day project?

List them — and don't be afraid to break them down again into even smaller and more manageable parts.

Set clear achievable goals

Once you've broken your project down into many smaller parts, go back to step #1 (estimate deadlines), but now do it for each of the resulting smaller parts.

If you're writing "a page a day." - how much time do you need to spend on the beginning, middle, end, spell check, request feedback?

And how many pages will you need in total, and is there a point in the project where you'll need to do more than one page or less to meet the deadline?
You can't predict the exact amount of time it will take for each part. But you can be clear and reasonable as much as possible, which will give you a constant sense of your progress toward your goal.

Remember, the goal is not to be as fast as possible, but to find a healthy balance between speed and quality.
Like a marathon runner, your goal is to run a kilometer consistently, not the fastest.

Setting clear and reasonable goals keeps you on track and gives you plenty of small milestones along the way that will provide a sense of momentum. The road to getting your work done on time is paved with small successes. This gives you a burst of energy and pride along the way! To you and your team as a whole!

Stay in touch with your team and/or manager

As the saying goes, the best laid plans often go awry. Something is bound to go wrong, especially with technology and code. A new piece of software that you hope will take one day may take a week or more.
That's just the reality of the work we do. Don't be frustrated or surprised: be prepared for it.

It's important that you keep in touch with your team and your manager while you're working on the project so that you can extend deadlines or offer help if (and when) these issues arise.

Remember: if you alert your manager in advance of any difficulties, you can always change the deadline.
Similarly, if you are stuck on something your team can help you get out of your predicament, you can avoid many significant delays in the future.

But in order to get that help, you need to stay in touch with your team.

In summary: communication is key!

We are ready to turn in on-time projects!

Working in the creative industry can be challenging, but it's also the most rewarding job out there. We hope these four steps will help you stay on top of your work and stay successful on the path to your goal!

And if you're interested in working with Tewris, contact us!

We deliver timely and high quality software projects. And we do it while having a good time and learning a lot.

Want to learn more? Or see how well Tewris developers can integrate into your company culture?

Feel free to get in touch. We're always ready to collaborate!
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